Ready mix concrete

Premier ready-mix Concrete division is meticulously engineered and delivers premium quality of concrete mix which is readily delivered to project sites

Our highly evolved understanding of construction technologies in infrastructure building ensures that the mix used is consistent with applicable construction standards.

The raw materials used for Ready mixed Concrete viz. cement, sand, coarse / fine aggregates, admixtures and water are mixed at a centrally located computer controlled batching plant that monitors weigh-batching, water-cement ratio, dosage of admixture, moisture content, etc. with precision to produce the Readymix Concrete.

Our plant is capable of programming multiple types of mixes for producing different grades of concrete both automatically and manually.

Readymix Concrete is then transported to the site in transit mixers, in plastic condition, without affecting the composition. Transit mixers are trucks fitted with rotating drums for carrying Readymix Concrete. The capacity of the transit mixer is 7m3 and premier has quiet a sizable number of such mixers.

  • Best quality steel used in the construction of Drum and spirals
  • Machined ring ensures smooth rotation of the Mixer drum
  • Carefully designed spirals ensure optimum discharge of concrete
  • Hydraulic Pump and motor are imported for trouble free operation
  • Hardened rollers increase the reliability
  • Cover provides safety and protection against dust
  • Minimum time spent on filling, discharging and cleaning
  • High payloads and optimum driving features
  • A centralised concrete batching plant can serve a wide area.
  • The plants are located in areas zoned for industrial use, and yet the delivery trucks can service residential districts or inner cities.
  • Better quality concrete is produced.
  • Elimination of storage space for basic materials at site.
  • Elimination of procurement / hiring of plant and machinery
  • Wastage of basic materials is avoided.
  • Labor associated with production of concrete is eliminated.
  • Time required is greatly reduced.
  • Noise and dust pollution at site is reduced.
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The quality of the products is par avon and the services that you team provides is also commendable. I wish to congratulate you for these excellent products that you have brought about in the market.

NMRD (Jaipur)